The King is Coming!


What Exciting Times We Are Living In!

This message, Return of the King, is vital to the Body of Messiah! Watch/Listen, and you will see God’s Messianic vision regarding the Restoration Of Israel, Revival Of the Jewish People, and the Return Of the King (ROI, ROJ, ROK), through the prophetic scriptures.

In this service, the Presence of the Ruach HaKodesh permeated the atmosphere so powerfully–as if The Father was placing His stamp of approval on the message.

There is no doubt that today Matthew 24 is in the process of being fulfilled. The King of Kings is soon to return! How do we know this is true? Scripture substantiates it.

So, if you need a reminder of the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father, and encouragement to finish the race, this one’s for you! If you need to discern the season, this one’s for you!

Rabbi Hershberg concluded the message with three versions of Luke 21:25-28, which encouraged the congregation to stand firm, and rejoice, knowing that the battle is on, but “help is on the way!”

Please share this message with the Body of Messiah. In all the doom and gloom, we need to be encouraged and reminded that God is still in control, and has always been!

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