Study Aids

This page consists of supplemental resources to help you in your studies. Feel free to download documents,
or video references.

1. Want to know more about Messianic Judaism? This series, beginning with the first message, Messianic Judaism 101: Torah! Torah! Torah! will give you some insight into the Messianic Movement. Though not comprehensive, the series will answer many questions. All messages are on the Getzel YouTube Channel in the Messianic Judaism playlist.
2.Erev Shabbat Booklet – This booklet was created as a guide for celebrating Shabbat as discussed in the message below:
The Joy of Shabbat
3. Who changed Shabbat to Sunday? When was it changed? Why was it changed? Watch/Listen to The Joy of Shabbat, beginning around 00:42:00 to find references.
4. Do you know how to evangelize Jewish people? What should you say? What should you not say? Rabbi Hershberg has done a complete series entitled Reaching Out to the Jewish People. These messages are thought-provoking, and supported by scripture.
5. Passover Resources
6. How to Study Scripture: 5 Basic Principles to Apply When Reading Scripture
Click here to watch the teaching on Getzel’s YouTube channel. Download the supporting scriptures: How to Study Scripture.
7. Do You Have Questions About the Biblical Feasts?
Rabbi Hershberg has taught many messages on the Feasts. Click here for the most recent feast schedule.* Click on the calendar date for the feast. You will find a list of messages pertaining to each feast on its respective page.
8. Messianic Reading Plan for 5779 / 2018-2019
The Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA) has provided a Bible reading plan with weekly Torah parshas. Download here.
9. Messianic Prophecy Card
The Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA) has provided a card with Old Testament prophecies regarding Yeshua. This is helpful when sharing with the Jewish people as these scriptures prophesy the coming of the Mashiach in the Old Testament, and show the fulfillment in the New Testament. Download a copy.
10. How to Find Hebrew/Greek Meanings
Below are instructions on how to find the Old Testament Hebrew/New Testament Greek original word, transliteration, phonetic spelling with pronunciation, and definitions, etc.
  1. Go to Bible Study Tools.
  2. Type the Book/Verse you want to search.
  3. Under Translation, select the New American Standard Bible.
  4. Click Find It! The scripture will come up.
  5. Above the scripture will be a row of icons. Click on the icon that looks like a wheel–it should be the last icon on the right.
  6. A dialog box titled Scripture Formatting will open.
  7. Select Strongs Numbers; then click Close.
  8. You will notice that some words are highlighted in blue. Click on these words to get the Hebrew/Greek information.