Scripture Resources

We at Beth Yeshua International (BYI) place a tremendous amount of emphasis on the study of God’s Word. I personally believe that in order for you to understand someone, you would need to read their autobiography, and in many ways, the Bible is God’s autobiography.

It teaches us much about the heart of God, His attributes and how He relates to the universe; it teaches us how to please God; it teaches us how to get along with one another; it teaches us how to treat our spouses; it teaches us how to raise our children; it teaches us how to pray; it teaches us everything that we need to know about life, so it is invaluable; therefore, the Word of God is priceless. On this page we have provided some resources that will help you in that very study.

Once again you know the Bible says to “study to show yourself approved…” and this is really something that we need to be responsible for as individual believers. Feel free to use these resources as well as come to Congregation Beth Yeshua Macon as often as you can, or watch online to join us in the study of God’s Word each and every Shabbat.

God bless you!
rabbi Greg