CBY Kenya

On September 3, 2007 I was off on what I believed was a God-ordained mission to the continent of Africa. We arrived in Nairobi, Kenya where we spent the night. We connected with a group called Messianic Assembly of Yahweh. We spent days with them sharing the Word and Heart of God. They were oh so reverent, humble and gracious. I was meeting with a young man, father and Pastor, and inquired as to how he feels about all the corruption that holds back his people from progression. He looked up at me and said “Rabbi, I love you, but what good would it be if a person gains the whole world and loses his soul?” All I could say to this was “Hallelujah!!!”

We have been asked to be an apostolic voice to the Messianic Assembly of Yahweh. We have received approval from the Kenyan government to establish Congregation Beth Yeshua Nakuru, Kenya. So the Lord moves again and to God be the glory. We are currently building a school and orphanage, which will be completed by February 2012. What a blessing it is teach the children of Nakuru the Grace and Truth of Almighty God. We are sending monthly support to help in whatever needs present themself. What can I say except God is great and greatly to be praised, Psalm 48:1!!!

The Lord is not only reaching Kenya, through Congregation Beth Yeshua Nakuru, Kenya, but He is also reaching Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and The Congo, as we permeate Africa with God’s love and power.