CBY India

Beth Yeshua India is located in Muramanda, Kadiam Mandel in the E.G. District of South India. The ministry we are currently doing through Beth Yeshua India begins with a story that can only be explained by the power of God. It began in 2006 with an email from Samuel K. Christopher, a minister in India. His email stated, “My name is Samuel Krupanand, and I have a small ministry in my village. I am Jewish and I need help.” With so many emails coming in from different people asking for financial support, the temptation was to delete it. But, the Spirit of God said, “Do not delete this email.” After some time in prayer, I heard God say that we should send him 100 bibles in his native language. I wrote back and simply said, “My name is Greg Hershberg, and I want to help. What do you need?” I received an email back immediately saying, “I need 100 bibles in Telegu, my language.” I know God was all over it, so I got all over it!

After further conversations with Samuel, we decided that the best way to proceed was to send money to him to purchase the bibles–with that, Beth Yeshua India was birthed. Since then we have been continually humbled by the believers in India, and their overwhelming love for Yeshua. We are excited and blessed to be part of this movement that God is ushering forth in India.

We have built them a school, a sanctuary, and a ministry center. It is called none other than Beth Yeshua India. We traveled there in 2011 to dedicate the building.

God has exploded this ministry to the point that hundreds of villages in southeast India are being ministered to through Beth Yeshua India. We currently have 150 congregations under the umbrella of Beth Yeshua International, and 150 pastors under our leadership who are ministering. To date the school has an enrollment of over 400 children, and growing, and 10,000 new believers have been added to the Kingdom by God’s grace. It is truly amazing!

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