Yachad Groups

Yachad is the Hebrew word for unity as used in Psalm 133:1. 

The mission of Yachad is to unite the local Body at Congregation Beth Yeshua Macon. These small groups allow congregants to meet in a social setting, and get to know each other on an intimate level. The world is a hard and nasty place at times, and we need to have healthy relationships with other believers that share the same beliefs, desires, and goals. The bottom line is we need each other!

Each Yachad group consists of a coordinator, and at least five other members. Each coordinator, along with help from others in the group, will plan and organize times of fellowship for their respective group. These are not bible study groups, but social groups. New groups are formed each year to allow congregants to eventually get to know all of the CBY Macon mishpocha (family).

Group activities include, but are not limited to meeting for lunch, Erev Shabbat dinners, bowling, or whatever activities the group agrees upon. In addition to the individual group meetings, Corporate Yachad meetings are held throughout the year. At these meetings all the groups come together as one, and those who are not in small groups are also welcome to participate. Examples of corporate activities are the Summer Movies on the Lawn, and the Fall Sukkot Fellowship.

Ministry Coordinator
Faith Dinglasan
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