Shabbat School

We are a body of parents, teachers, assistants, and friends who are concerned with the well-being and spiritual development of our children.

We feel it is our duty and obligation to teach our children about God and His Torah as commanded. (Deuteronomy 4:9-10; Deuteronomy 6:6-25).

Our school presently consists of a nursery and four classes: Yeshua’s Lambs I (Nursery) = birth to 2.5 years, Yeshua’s Lambs II = 2.5 to 4 years, Torah Tots = 4 through 6 years, and Tanakh Treasure Hunters = 7 through 9 years.

The nursery (birth through 2.5 years), and classes for 2.5 through 11 years are available every Shabbat. During Feast Day services which occur Sunday – Friday, only the nursery (birth through 2.5 years), and class for ages 2.5 to 4 years is available.

Shabbat School leadership team members are Rebbetzin Bernadette Hershberg, Joseph Marks, Elder, and Robin Overbey, Administrator.

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In order to protect our children, everyone who volunteers for Shabbat School is required to go through a background check. A notary is available on Shabbat, after service, to notarize any forms brought to BYI. A copy of your driver’s license, or state issued picture ID, must accompany your background check forms for teacher/assistants (18+ and older). This is the first step in the process of vetting our volunteers. The forms can be printed from the website.

Policies & Procedures

This document outlines the policies and procedures that govern our Shabbat School. It applies to teachers, assistants, parents, and students. We ask that everyone download it, and take time to read it carefully. BYI Shabbat School Policies & Procedures

Student Registration

We continue to update our student information to ensure our ICE (In Case of Emergency) info is correct. We are asking parents to please complete our Student Registration forms, and inform us whenever there are changes. The form is available for download below.

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