Shabbat School

We are a body of parents, teachers, assistants, and friends who are concerned with the well-being and spiritual development of our children.

We feel it is our duty and obligation to teach our children about God and His Torah as commanded. (Deuteronomy 4:9-10; Deuteronomy 6:6-25).

Our school presently consists of a nursery and four classes: Yeshua’s Lambs I (Nursery) = birth to 2.5 years, Yeshua’s Lambs II = 2.5 through 3 years, Torah Tots = 4 through 6 years, and Tanakh Treasure Hunters = 7 through 9 years.

During Feast Day services which occur Sunday – Friday, only the nursery (birth through 2.5 years), and class for ages 2.5 through 3 years is available.

The Shabbat School Administrator is Robin Overbey, with oversight by Rebbetzin Bernadette Hershberg and Joseph Marks, Elder.

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In order to protect our children, everyone who volunteers for Shabbat School is required to go through a background check. A notary is available on Shabbat, after service, to notarize any forms brought to BYI. A copy of your driver’s license, or state issued picture ID must accompany your background check forms for teacher/assistants (18+ and older). This is the first step in the process of vetting our volunteers. Please contact Robin Overbey for forms.