Prayer Force

Prayer requests/praise reports for the BYI Prayer Force are received via phone or email. The prayer coordinator then sends the requests/praise reports to the subscribers.

Wow, what a beautiful and heart-wrenching ministry this is, but with so many wonderful and miraculous praise reports! This ministry was passed to me, and I accepted, knowing that this was the area the L-rd was gifting and anointing this soldier in HIS Army.

It is truly a blessed thing to see the Body of Messiah at work, praying and interceding on behalf of others, most of whom they do not know or may never meet. Prayer is hard, gut-wrenching work. It will pull so much compassion and mercy from deep within you. Adonai, our Creator chose to use HIS Body to move HIS hand to intervene upon the earth, in and through HIS people. Yes, HIS Will is to be done, but like the patriarchs of old, we are to cry out and stand in the gap. This puts the focus on others rather than ourselves. As we come together and join our hearts and prayers, lifting them to ABBA, may they be a sweet fragrance to HIS nose.

The fact that ABBA listens and answers our prayers in accordance with HIS Will to be accomplished on Earth as in Heaven is an astounding concept that is many times beyond our grasp. Oh, the intricate mind of our G-d to birth a biblical plan for HIS chosen to follow!

As we study Yeshua’s earthly ministry, we see how important our intimate time with our Heavenly Father truly becomes in our prayer lives. We are to be about the FATHER’s business. The Body of Messiah must listen and walk in obedience to pray and intercede just as Yeshua did.

There is nothing more beautiful and humbling than when we see the MIGHTY HAND of ADONAI answer prayers, and we remember that it is YESHUA who is interceding as each request is lifted up to the Father. How can we be anything but thankful and grateful for the many praise reports and the many answers that HE has chosen to send our way, as HE heals and delivers those we lift up!

May HE be glorified as we come into the prayers of agreement for HIS MIGHTY HAND OF MERCY and LOVINGKINDNESS to move on all the prayer requests that we are honored to receive, and we are privileged to lift up to the Heavens!

Blessings to all who are not merely spectators, but participators in Adonai’s Bridal Army’s Strategic Plans!

Lisa Vinson & Barbara Reott, Ministry Coordinators
Contact: Prayer Force