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God, Israel, the Church in Prophecy

September 8, 2012
This message was given at a Shabbat Morning service

In this message Rabbi Greg states, "When it comes to God, Israel, the Church and prophecy, this end time drama is unfolding before our eyes." He further states that "We are a Messianic congregation--that's what we've been birthed for, and we are a prophetic ministry... Understand, we are a prophetic end-time ministry being used by God as a resurrected movement to bring the Jew and the Gentile together. That's our purpose...This end time drama all comes back to the very first covenant." Genesis, Chap 12 verses 1-3 is the Abrahamic Covenant and is the bedrock for our ministry. Hear how God, Israel, and the Church are all intertwined in God's prophetic plan.

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