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Run the Race!

August 25, 2012
This message was given at a Shabbat Morning service

Today's message encourages us to continue to "run the race" as believers in Yeshua. As we watch events that are going on in Israel, and around the world, we can see signs of the end times, and we're about to cross the finish line! You will want to pause the message, and watch this video as it illustrates in varying degrees the expressions and emotions of those in competition. Muse - Survival Rabbi Greg stressed the importance of knowing how close we are to Yeshua's return and we must be prepared. He mentioned that the Israeli Ambassador has given the U.S. until September 25 to deal with Iran and their nuclear weapons. Israel: Gives Obama Deadline of Sept 25... Bottom line...we cannot give up! We're too close! We must fight! We must keep pressing! In the end there is a crown of righteousness awarded by The Righteous Judge, but only to those who finish the race!

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