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The Triune Nature of Salvation (Part 1): Torah Parsha: Mishpatim [Rulings] / Salvation

February 6, 2016
This message was given at a Shabbat Morning service

In this reading of the Torah parsha (Exodus ch 24, vv 6-8), Mishpatim [Rulings], Moshe (Moses) goes before God on behalf of the Hebrews to receive His rulings. Even as he sprinkled the "blood of the covenant", ch 34 v8, on the altar and the people, we see what is to come as Yeshua fulfills Jeremiah 31, bringing SALVATION to the People of the Land (Israel), and to the foreigners who would serve their God--the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

Rabbi Greg then introduces the three-fold aspect of salvation--past (justification), present (sanctification), and future (glorification).

Watch as this series reveals our Father's plan of salvation, His chesed [kheh'-sed] (lovingkindness), towards us!

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