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Live Streaming from Beth Yeshua International begins each Saturday at 10:10 AM, 10:00 AM for Feast services during the day,
and 7:00 PM for Feast services at night. Times are EST.

To order a CD/DVD of today’s message, please contact BYI Media.

If you are experiencing technical difficulty contact us at Tech Support.

Messages beginning January 24, 2015 can be viewed on our Livestream channel.
Messages prior to January can be viewed in our Message archives or on our YouTube channel.
New_IAMCS_LOGO Looking for a synagogue in your area?
Beth Yeshua International is a member of the International Association of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues (IAMCS), an organization that was formed in the spring of 1986. The IAMCS’s members are Messianic congregations and synagogues around the world whose purpose is “to strengthen one another, unite in the L-rd, and work together in this Endtime Jewish revival”. (IAMCS- Who We Are)

Visit IAMCS Member Synagogues to search for a synagogue in your area.