Ministry Contacts

Baby Showers Laura Lee Plans baby showers for expectant parents
Cameras Elijah Basa Videotapes services, oversees camera crew
CBY McRae Correctional Facility  229.868.7778  Bonnie Conklin,
Congregation Beth Yeshua McRae Men’s Facility Worship Services
CBY Pulaski State Prison Suzy Varner Congregation Beth Yeshua Pulaski Women’s Facility Worship Services
CBY Pulaski Re-Entry Advocate Judy Sanders
Media Sales Margie Rosbury Prepares CDs/DVDs for mailing
Corporate Prayer Gail Fryer Corporate prayer group-meets weekly to pray for our country, city, state, congregation and Israel
Daughters of Zion Gail Fryer
Mabelle Kindle
Women’s Ministry
Door of Hope   478.955.3348 JB & Anne Mason Encouragement ministry offering scriptural encouragement to individuals, couples, and families
Elder David Johnston Oversees Shammashim & Clean Teams
Elder Joe Marks Building Superintendent, oversees Greeters, Praise & Worship Teams & Shabbat School
Events Trish Combes E-blasts (e-mails) to keep mishpocha abreast of CBY-related events, and other approved events
Hebraic Dance Helene Schloesser Hebraic Dance Ministry
Hebrew Instruction Jason White Hebrew program designed to teach beginning Hebrew
Hospitality Cindy Henderson Greeters
Housekeeping (Clean Teams) David Johnston Teams which clean the synagogue on Sundays
Messi Moms (Messianic Moms) Lauren Bryant Ministry to young mothers, and fellowship for young families
Mi Chamocha Coffee House Kim Noegel Venue for fellowship prior to, and after Shabbat services
Missions John Rosbury Beth Yeshua missions – local and abroad
P112 Messiah’s Militia David Johnston Men’s Ministry
Praise & Worship Darren Butler
Elizabeth Quinn
Praise & Worship Team Leaders
Prayer Force Lisa Vinson
Debra Jabbie
Prayer Ministry – prayer requests/praise reports emails sent to subscribers
Shabbat Shul Robin Overbey Administrator Ministry to children (ages birth through 9 years)
Shammashim  (Servants) John Rosbury Men who serve (usher) in the House of God
Sound John Frazier Sound techs
Synagogue Office 478.471.9955 Denise Malone Synagogue Administrator
Synagogue Office 478.471.9955 Roxsanne Roush Administrative Assistant
Technology Jason White Networks, Internet, website, live streaming, electronic equipment, mobile devices, software and hardware, security systems
Yachad Groups Vienna Harris Fellowship groups to bring CBY mishpocha into unity (yachad) as in Psalm 133:1