From The Projects to the Palace…

2nd Printing with New Cover and Revised Content!


Want to know more about Rabbi Greg?

Read “From the Projects to the Palace: A Rags to Riches to TRUE RICHES Story.” This is a story of a Jewish rabbi whose encounter with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob changed his life forever. Rabbi Hershberg shares his story in a candid and compelling way. Get to know him better in this quick, easy read!

From the Projects to the Palace


A real life story!! Told by the author as if he were sitting in your living room telling all—the exciting, the embarrassing, and the humorous. You can almost hear his Bronx accent!

Comments from readers: “I laughed one minute and cried the next.” “His matter-of-fact style is endearing.” “It is inspiring and ignites you with a new passion…” “I am going to share this book…” “I don’t see how anyone could read this book and not be changed.” “This is a NEEDS-TO-BE-READ book.”