CBY Germany

Ramstein Air Base Chapel (Ramstein-Miesenbach, DE)

On June 16, 2016, the Ramstein Air Base Chaplain’s office approved Congregation Beth Yeshua (CBY) Germany as a Messianic Jewish ministry. CBY Germany will meet the spiritual needs of the military community.

Congregational Leader, Mike Hodges, and his family have been transferred stateside. To God be the glory! He has provided a congregational leader so that this ministry can continue to bless our servicemen. We welcome our new congregational leader, Sergeant First Class (SFC) Lee Aldridge.

The Aldridge Story

The US Army is the absolute way to go if you like picking up and moving every three years. Our family has moved from the United States to Germany, to Hawaii, and back to Germany again in the last 11 years. Every three years it’s the same old thing…we gotta find a new church. It’s usually a challenge, because we are all looking for the “right fit.” And, of course, with being in the military, by the time you find that perfect place, it’s time to move again. 

Our second time in Germany would prove to be a little different. We were looking for something more, something deeper, something richer. We started having conversations with people about our concerns with our Christian life and what it really means to us. Two members of our family had started attending services that focused more on the foundations of Scripture and the truth of God’s Word, as opposed to the traditions. These conversations created a stirring in our Spirit and a longing for more.

During this journey, we learned of a small group that was meeting in a classroom of a church that was really digging deep into the Scriptures. CBY Germany, a small Messianic study group became the place where we would meet every Shabbat to pour over God’s Word. We were learning about things that we had never heard of in any of our churches before. We were so excited to be a part of this special group.

We eventually moved on Ramstein AF Base in order to have our own building to meet in regularly. Mike Hodges, our leader for several years, devoted many Saturdays to sharing what God put on his heart to teach us. Our experience with CBY Germany has changed our lives and our faith in so many ways. 

Now Mike and his wife, Carrie, are on their way to a new location. We know they will be such a blessing as they share God’s truth to so many others. They have passed the torch on to us in order that we may continue to teach these truths to anyone who comes through our door. 

We welcome those in the Kaiserslautern military community to join us on Saturdays at the South Side Chapel on Ramstein Air Base.

Lee and Marla Aldridge

Lee Aldridge
Congregational Leader

Marla Aldridge